A Lil Too Sensitive Perhaps…?

I can admit that when it comes to disappointments I can take it as a big deal. Maybe due to the fact I know I tend to take other people’s feelings into great consideration and I am a pisces. This can be a downfall, but I can’t help who I am!! But when you’re in a relationship or dating someone, as a woman being too sensitive can be a problem, and the main culprit is the mobile phone! Why you ask…..? Let me give you an example, when I first started dating, being more of  the old skool era, where we talk on the phone and text each other, there wasn’t the whole impact of social media platforms, as it is now. However I noticed that this can be a complex matter in the whole ball game of ‘getting to know someone.’ So most girls are guilty of this, you text a guy and maybe you even rang and they don’t answer. OK ,later your catching up in the world of social media and you noticed they posted a few things. (oh hell noooo he didn’t)



Being a woman, automatically the inspector gadget mode comes into play. Now this is the point where the devil and the angels are both on your shoulders. The voice of reason is saying “it’s know biggy, maybe he’s busy and will call me when it’s convenient.” However that lil red devil is like “girl this guy is playing games!” This is where a lot of us go wrong, we jump the gun, and before anything has begun we already look eager or crazy.


I think women’s intuition is a woman’s greatest tool. However if not refined,many miss use it or don’t even know when it’slapping them in the face. As we get older experience ties in with this, and you make better judgments and often a lot quicker. Not to say you wont make misjudgments, I  mean I often fall guilty of ……ummm getting the wrong end of the stick. I think what ever assumptions maybe running through your mind, try and speak to someone who you can trust to give you a bit of clarity. However in some cases, just air your views to the person. But remember men and women think differently and often we women over analyse a situation, as simple as it may of been, we somehow twist it and turn it into a completely different objective, and then say men never understand us.(which is the case at times!)


Timing…Girl Chill!

Time is a major player in life, whether its goals, relationships, heck even payday has it’s time. When it comes to a new boo, going on dates, let that natural chemistry build it’s self, that way things will pave out accordingly. Too often you hear of women on a first dates already talking about marriage! Girl you might find you’ll be single for a while if you hound a man. Do yourself a favor and keep it SIMPLE, let the guy ask you why you’re single. If he leads the questions that are deemed as “serious” such as, kids, marriage, money, it comes across less OPERATION GET ME TO THE ALTER!!! Trying to make it into something it’s not, will crack sooner or later. Even with dreams & goals, running before you can even crawl will make the experience less enjoyable and even ruin it.Your lane is different to everyone else. Look to them as inspiration, not to make your life seem depressing, but as a work in progress.

So what ever you’re embarking on in life, learn to enjoy the process as part of your journey. When you get to the finish line, trust me you’ll be thinking about WHATS NEXT NOW!




Author: Sherisha