Anxiously Waiting…

So they say us millennials are the microwave generation, the generation of renters, the social media lites and wrapped up in cotton wool! But one thing I know for sure is the endless pressures that modern day living has on me on a daily basis. Lately I’ve been feeling anxious and my thoughts are plagued by the constant demands that this society has placed upon me. Living in London is great, I mean what a beautiful city basking with so much culture and diversity, energy, vibrancy and things to do. But there’s another side which is the endless worry of finding affordable housing, wanting to be successful and building the life you dream about… it wrong to want it all?!

Nothing in this life comes easy, I hear you saying and I definitely believe that the formula for success is a combination of a few things like consistency, hard work, passion, focus, positive attitude, and the list goes on. But it’s hard and at times even the most positive person has a moment especially when you feel as if the rich continue to get richer and working class are the ones who seem to get the short straw. But then again I question myself and as I analyse the situation I begin to see that things are relative for the times. Property prices are relative for the economy we are in, I can’t keep holding on to my grandma’s story of when she bought her first house it cost 5k, as that was a lot of money in her era. But as I see the 30 bridge lurking in the distance I can not help but wonder about what my future holds. Being educated has given me a great open mindset and has definitely helped me embark on the journey I have and wanting to set up my own businesses but there are other parts of life that make up who I am, such as wanting to buy a property, start a family and being able to be my own boss, drink water, look snatched, answer all my messages, be social, cook, travel,and be a wife all at the same damn time!! Lawd the pressure is too much, hence why I have found now I take a much needed break from the social media world and actually go out and meet people by attending events and catching up with friends over a drink or dinner.

Well-being is key in order to survive in modern society and remembering that we are human, we have feelings, we need time out, we need to have fun and let our hair down, we need to edify ourselves and be careful what we digest. I don’t just mean diet, I mean what we watch, read, who we talk to, our circle of friends/family, those that influence us and who we share our energy with. It’s important and I’m learning this more and more as time goes by. As I continue on my journey of self discovery and embarking on my journey as a business woman I have learned a few very valid lessons.

  1. You are only one person and you can not conquer the world alone, there is no ‘I’ in team and it does not hurt to ask for help when you need it.
  2. I’m learning to be comfortable with the unknown(which believe me is a continuous lesson) and treating each day as it comes.

Although I still feel anxious at times, i’m like you know what , F*@! It ” If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary! And I just can not do and will not do that!


Author: Sherisha