Can We Please Take A Moment Of Silence

For many by now you are familiar with the amount of devastation that has taken place in  London recently. There was the terror attack on London Bridge and Borough market, the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower, which took so many innocent lives who are still being identified and the attack on the Muslim community by the driver who plowed down worshippers as they left the mosque after prayers. I have to say it has been a real trying time for the city and has really left me in a state of sadness for the simple fact that we live in a world that seems to allow evil to overshadow it and act upon it causing so much grief, loss and calamity. It breaks my heart that one day I hope to have children and this is the state of affairs that we are in, the love of money and power,hatred and division, discrimination and persecution. It has made me think of life and death a lot more as it has caused me to feel anxious about my daily routine such as walking with my back towards traffic, getting on public transport and even waking up thinking what if that happens to me. I hate the fact that I am now to some extent scared of living my life. I know I was not directly impacted by loosing a love one in these incidences but if you have an ounce of compassion for humanity you mourn as if it were. I have thought at times life seems so unfair and why is all of this going and it was made worse when those in power such as the government seem not give a damn!! I made sure I voted this election and trust me Labour got my vote, I know they all say things they can’t always follow through with but for me Jeremy Corbyn is the guy! Seeing him speak at Glastonbury and what he stands for relates to many on a human level. He has been very present during all the tragedy and in general if you know his background has been a activist for the work class and the injustice of the system.

I’m a peoples person and I feel compelled when I see people in distress or happiness to be with them in those moments. But I gained some comfort in seeing the amount of love and community spirit that was demonstrated by those who came together to support and help those that were in need.

This reminded me that there is still hope for mankind and also that I must live my life!! It gave me a boost to go for it 100% with the things I want to do! I think we must always remember to be kind to each other and help where we can, event if this means going out of our way. Love is about doing stuff without expectations and at times without gratitude. Say hello to a stranger, check on your neighbours, family members, friends, or help a local organisation. It’s not always about money but the little things we can offer is our time and support.


You are a live, you are blessed and you have a chance to make another day even more greater than the last!!