Clone Me Please!!

Arrrhhh who would of thought that trying to run a business, study for a master’s, earn a living, cook, look decent, respond to messages, pick up the phone, stay sane and oh yeah breath would be so bludy overwhelming!! Most days I am a recluse tucked away for days just me and my laptop and the virtual world that is social media. When you see all those beautiful celebrities making it all look so easy, while us everyday women who are juggling the world and it’s pressures, are just about brushing our hair and making an appearance!! I tell you, there is a reason that not everyone makes it on the road of success! Don’t get me wrong I am not one for giving up when the going gets tough, but there is a ugly side to the rise of success that many people hide with smoke and mirrors.

Firstly let me tell you there are days when you might not even talk to a real physical human being unless you live with others. At times money is tight and everyday tasks can become a battle, you doubt yourself and talk yourself out of what you are doing, let’s not forget the long hours, mundane tasks and your brain in constant business mode. I have been on this journey now for about 5 months and left my full time job in February, and I can honestly say it has been  the best thing I could have done and a roller coaster but so much growth and strength has come in my ability to rise to the challenges that have come my way. I have had to realise that I can not do it all at once consistently and it’s important to have a team of some sort to delegate responsibilities to, but even finding a good team is a task in it’s self!!  I am lucky that I have an amazing Mr who is often my therapist, as I offload my frustrations to him as well as a small network of other budding business women, who I’ve met through my networking adventures.

If I can give some words of wisdom on what I’ve learnt so far is to honesty take each day as it comes. Sounds so obvious but it really helps, if you’re like me and put quite a lot of self inflicted pressure on yourself then learning to take the good days and celebrating them and then dealing with the not so great as not failure but a challenge to help shape you ,teach and train you. To become a leader comes with a heavy crown, so to think you are going to just sit on the thrown and look pwetty is so far left boo boo. Even Queen B is a boss with all the successes she has under her belt, you gota spud her for the level of goal digging she is at. Some super saiyan ish like Goku(if you don’t know who Goku is google it).

The other thing would be is to push yourself outside your comfort zone, just keep pushing! knock at every door, do let NO become a negative word but see it as a “OK i’ll show you why you just made a huge mistake.” Don’t be bitter when others around you are doing well, your turn will come and when it does you will be like wow I did that!!!

Oh and the odd treat doesn’t hurt from time to time. Like a holiday,spa day or some retail therapy.

Don’t let the negative thoughts or activities of life stop you. You got this home slice, just remember your not alone, you live once and stop postponing things until tomorrow, do it now! What’s the worst that can happen…….?

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Author: Sherisha