Cocooning To New Beginnings

Where did the summer holidays go!? So we are finally in September and for some of us this is a transitioning period. Over the summer it may of been a time of reflection, where you began thinking about what is the next agenda for the final part of the year. Which is a vital element of life, as we are constantly seeking ways to self develop and take on new challenges. Such as going back to school, heading off to university, a new job, travelling, so many things.As humans we often get bored of a constant cycle,some of us day dream of the lifestyle we desire whilst others are more of the go-getters, who actively go out there and start making the changes we want to see happen.

Whether you are the Caterpillar stage, in the cocoon, or the final stage where you break free as a butterfly, remember that your mindset is key in all aspects. At some point we all have highs and lows regardless of how amazing our lifestyle seems to others. There is always a struggle when making changes and taking on new challenges in life. We have to make sacrifices and feel uncomfortable, you can not just jump a step. We have to learn to stop allowing the negative thoughts be the dominant feature of our daily lives. It’s important to try and condition your mind to understand NOTHING GOOD COMES EASY!!! Some of you will be saying “but how long? when? I’ve been trying!”…..But have you really been putting in 100%? We all think we are doing our best, but at times we are only really putting in 50% if that. If we were to actually put our all into something, put our head down and never give up,I believe doors of opportunity will open!  120822_consistency-is-key_500_youanew1

The quality of achieving a level of performance which does not vary greatly in quality over time:

If you are at a stage where things fill shaky,I believe it is good to try and find your equilibrium, that healthy balance. Your body is your temple, and it is important to also look at what you put into it. I don’t just mean food and exercise(which is very important too) but also the people you allow to influence you, the things you expose yourself to. For example, things you read or listen to and even relationships you are in or being sexually active. As women whether we enter into things with a “we’re only seeing each other or its just sex mentality.” As  females our make up is more emotional than men and we are very empathetic. So after a while we begin to latch on and feelings begin to be established, which sometimes leads us into things that are not always healthy for our transitioning stage. This is not to say that it’s the case for all, but often a reoccurring tendency. Implement yourself as the priority and work on you. When you position yourself in your purpose, you will give out a different energy that attracts the right type of people. By this I mean, when you begin to see yourself as a Queen, you will no longer settle for less than you deserve.

Just remember you are in control of your life and don’t let your dreams fall on the way side. They say the place that holds the most talent is the graveyard ! Don’t waste time, as time is precious! Think big, aim high!




Author: Sherisha