Date Night Antics

For those of you who maybe currently dating or in a relationship,here are some date night ideas to keep that fire burning. London has a lot of interesting and fun places to explore!

So we embarked on this new place called Junk Yard Golf. Yes that’s right, a mini golf course made out of junk! But this isn’t any old junk, it was very imaginatively created, with so many unusual holes to conquer.  The venue seems to be some sort of old ware house that has three different courses to choose from. We opted for the Helga(in da club course)  I liked this option because they played UK garage, which made the atmosphere very lively. But the best bit had to be the UV room(pictured below) This room was more for the techno head, but still very entertaining, especially when competing with your other half.

There are also bars in each course, which have a very qwerky array of cocktails. The added features of space ship sweets and glow sticks, definitely tie in with the surroundings. There is also food available although we did not eat there. Definitely a fun cheap date in the heart of Brick Lane, with a lot of personality!  Although I didn’t win, I most definitely enjoyed myself.


Cocktail Hour

After all the fun and games, and with it being a lovely day. (which isn’t often in the UK) We opted to go for drinks along Shoreditch High Street. A lot of the bars offer happy hour, which is perfect and great for the pocket. We ended up at Catch bar, which was a nice airy but small setting. Perfect for that intimate ambiance with a nice vibe. They had an in house DJ, who played a mix of songs from Drake-one dance to Mark Morrison-return of the mac. The happy hour deal was 2 cocktails for £10, as you can see we took advantage of that!



A Girls Gotta Eat!

After feeling pretty merry, hunger definitely kicked in. Being in such a prime location gave us many options for food. I must say my better half stumbled upon this great spot called The Diner.  Well, we definitely  went in! Hot dogs, fries, mac n cheese and buffalo wings . I would recommend this place, as the food was divine! Reasonably priced for eating out in London, great customer service and quick delivery. They have various locations, so check the link below.



Date nights do not always have to mean going out. Cook a nice meal and maybe dessert with a bottle of wine and plays games , watch movies and most importantly TALK TO EACH OTHER!!! No matter what you do, the fact that you are spending quality time with each other is important. But try and take it outside once in a while, there is so much to do out there without breaking the bank.

Date night suggestions:








Author: Sherisha