Every End Is a New Beginning….

To all my free spirited women, this ones for you! 

Today I celebrate the steps of a new chapter. The end of what held me back and the start of what catapults me into the destiny I knew deep inside existed. I jumped shipped and got out of the rat race to pursue my dreams of being self employed.(Not a easy decision) But one that felt right for me. I had my moments where I could feel that voice of doubt trying to creep in, but the passion and drive that made me feel so good when I was doing that thing I loved over shadowed the doubt.

Have you ever felt like there is so much more to give and your not satisfied with just existing? Going to work and and that sense of I know I can do more, I know I’ve got more to give……? Well it’s time to start exploring those feelings. I’ve probably said this so many times but for me I do strongly believe your passion=purpose. I think what ever it is that you enjoy or are good at is a good base to start with, and even if you’re not sure why not start trying out new things?

The road of self employment is not easy, as the security of a regular income goes out the window, but for me I feel like the cheque to cheque life style adds limitations to our lives. We spend most of our hours at work, we hardly spend time with loved ones or doing stuff we like as we are always tired! We have to question ourselves about the mindset that society deems are ‘the norm.’ I am not saying we should all leave our jobs, as employers need employees, but I think there needs to be a re-think on how the working day is set up to allow employees to satisfy all elements of their lives. I got so demotivated that I ended up not even wanting to get up to go to work in the mornings, but it shouldn’t of gotten to that stage. Where a good employee becomes a useless one. But what I realised was it’s not about fitting into something that doesn’t fit me, the reason I felt uncomfortable and was not able to grow, was simply because it was not for me!! I had my own purpose to fulfil, and if i was made too comfortable I wouldn’t of made the jump.

Life is really to be lived ladies, stop waiting for the perfect guy, the perfect time, the money, the job, loosing weight or what ever it is to start living! Start your new chapter today!



Author: Sherisha


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