For The Love Of Curls


Girls Perspective recently chatted with Shannon Fitzsimmons blogger and founder of UK Curly Girl, we talked about all things hair, including her book Get My Curls Back, embracing your curls and her plans for the future.

Has hair always been a conversation topic for you?

Yes, hair has always been a conversation for me since a young child! I didn’t grow up in the early stages around a lot of mixed race girls with my curly hair type so people always commented on how much hair I had, how they wished they had mine and how difficult it must be to deal with.

Why do you think there is such an issue about hair, whether it’s straight, curly or natural?

I think hair is such an issue because as females it can be a way of expressing ourselves standing out and attracting others. It’s one of the things we can change about ourselves without getting any backlash. For those with natural and curly hair it has been an issue because we have never been catered too within the mainstream hair care industry, so we have struggled with getting the right hair products and hair stylists for years! Only within the past 5 years or so has natural hair become more mainstream and acceptable within the industry.

When did you learn to appreciate your hair and your curls?

I learnt when I began transitioning back in 2013! I had enough of relaxing and manipulating my hair to be what it naturally wasn’t, I decided to take action and learn how to take care of and love my natural hair. Seeing it grow over the year of transitioning really made me appreciate my natural curls along with the love from the online natural hair community.

What inspired you to start UK Curly Girl?

I was inspired to start UK Curly Girl when first transitioning, I would spend hours watching hair tutorials, but there were hardly any covering the UK side of things (or any with my exact hair type). My love for filming and creating content pushed me into creating my own blog and it has been onwards and upwards from then.

You recently published a book called ‘Get My Curls Back’, What do you want readers to take away from the book? 

I want readers of the book to really become inspired by my transitioning journey, learn how to take care of their hair and know that they can too get their curls back. I have so many girls say they couldn’t transition but those who have actually tried and followed my journey have managed to do the same! All in all I just want to inspire them to embrace their natural curls.

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Get My Curls

How do you think females can learn to embrace their hair in the current pressures of society and media?

I think now more than ever it is easier for females to embrace their natural hair thanks to social media! You can search and find 1000’s of women online sharing and embracing their natural hair and gaining so much love in return, this alone will make you more confident in your journey. We also now have much more choice of products and a lot of the popular brands are now available in mainstream stores like Boots and Superdrug, which shows you the demand is there and you are not alone!

What are some tips you have for embracing your hair?

Some tips I would share would be to stop using chemicals and heat, join the online natural hair community by searching for curly hair bloggers and models! Also treat your hair weekly with a deep conditioning treatment, your hair will thank you for it.

How has the UK Curly Girl brand evolved since you started the blog in 2014?

The blog has evolved hugely! Since starting my audience has grown across all channels to over 20k! I am now able to work with brands, model, attend events and be respected in the natural hair industry. I now have even put on my own event, which was something I never thought I would be confident enough to do!

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Where do see UK Curly Girl in the next couple of years? 

In the next couple of years, I see the brand growing more worldwide, I would love to travel on a ‘Get My Curls Back!’ tour, helping curlies all over the world as that is my passion.

Lastly, what are some your personal favourite hair products to use?

My favourite products at the moment are:

Sheamoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave-In

Crece Pelo Treatment

Boucleme Curl Cream

Cantu Curl Activating Cream

Eco Styler Gel ‘Black Castor & Flaxseed Oil


To keep up with Shannon and all things UK Curly Girl check out her Social Media @UKCurlyGirl and check out her website also take  look at her book Get My Curls Back on Amazon.