Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

I’ve always been  a ‘curvy’ girl, and my weight always goes up and down. When I decide to get healthy I am usually very disciplined. But my one flaw is once i see results I tend to start relaxing, until my clothes start telling me “girl time to work out!” I’m sure there are some of you that can relate!? But as I’m approaching my late 20’s I have notice the snap back just in’t the same.

I actually like working out, but I find exercise classes more interactive and keeps me motivated than just using the gym. A friend of mine recently introduced me to a class, which I have totally fallen in love with. Its called Fight Klub, and I kid you not this class kicks some butt! This is a kick boxing class where you work out to the up tempo beats of drum & bass and cool down to the mellow flavors of r&b and soul.



Patrick Sinclair (the trainer)  makes this class so interactive, he is very attentive and not to mention he works us hard. This week we participated in the ‘leg challenge, this involved doing 100 reps of leg lifts on each side. ‘ I made it through, and my legs were feeling it the next day, but no pain no gain sort of mindset right now. Trying to make healthy living a lifestyle and not just a summer fix.

The class costs £6.50 for an hour, you can get more information by checking out their facebook page.


Clothing Haul

So as well as embarking on my new fitness routine, I decided to also have a little shopping spree and got some new fitness gear. If you’re looking for fitness clothing I must say sport direct is very good on quality and price. Active wear can be worn for everyday tasks, I find it so convenient and comfortable, I will be purchasing some more.


•Puma mesh vest £6.53  •Karrimore exercise leggings £6.30


20160528_122221•Everlast slim fitness leggings £4.99



•Everlast grey layered vest £4.49   •Lonsdale sports bra £6.50

 •Everlast b0xing gloves s/m £13


On a final note here are a few top tips I find that help keep my weight balanced and also help keep me motivated both body and mind.


  1. Try not to eat after 8pm,as this is the time when your metabolism slows down, so the food does not digest as well.
  2. Designate a treat day or two, not every day of the week, try to reward your good behavior but don’t over compensate for the days you ate healthy.
  3. Drink LOTS of water, its so good for digestion keeping the lymph’s active and your skin will thank you for it.
  4. Mediate, take time out for you, learn to have at least 20 mins of the day for yourself.
  5. Be more active, join a class, walk more, workout at home, take the kids to the park. What ever it is, by sweating you keep the body burning those unwanted calories.




Author: Sherisha