I Am Not My Hair….

It is undeniable that the hair industry is a blooming market,and lets face it what women doesn’t like to get their hair did! But my question to you is, as women do we feel pressured by society to portray a certain image?

Do men really like natural hair?

I have have been natural for over 2 years now, no colour or relaxers just the odd silk press and trim here and there. But during the winter periods I tend to get a weave as a form of protective style.But one thing I have noticed, more black males approached me more when I had straight hair vs my natural hair. Now when talking to male friends, family, co-workers etc, they always seem to say they prefer a ‘natural woman’, no weave or natural looking weave,not too much make-up. Yet in reality  this doesn’t seem to be the case!? Do black men like the idea of a natural woman? But in hindsight, what they mean by natural is not an Afro or Dreads, but a woman who is enhanced but not too much??? I love to change up my hair depending on how I feel or the occasion. Braids, weave, the fro, straight, I do it all. But I love my natural hair.This is when I feel most confident, yet I feel that not many males seem to find it attractive. So what’s a girl to do?

 I asked a male friend of mine would he date a girl with natural hair, his reply was yeah as long as it is good hair. So my question was then, what is good hair? Good hair in his response was soft hair, not coarse, basically mixed hair. This then again makes me question the definition of natural.

So if you are faced with the dilemma that men are not approaching you, would  you change your hair? If yes, does this mean you are conforming to society’s portrayal of beauty to catch a man…….?

The natural hair trend has moved in leaps & bounds over the last 5 years giving a new lease of life for us Sister’s.But don’t get me wrong a lot of brothers love black women with natural hair in all forms. But I notice men over 27 years old tend to be more open. I guess at the end of the day you like what you like. However whether people claim there is good hair and bad hair, ALL natural hair is beautiful!

Author: Sherisha

One thought on “I Am Not My Hair….

  1. Hmmmm this is an interesting post to say the least. I think while many of sisters have gone back to natural & are enjoying their natural beautiful locs, some of our brothers still have to get on board, not to say a lot aren’t already for it but psychological damages of over 400 years will time to reverse. All in all we will see a surge of acceptance & love in the coming years from both brothers & sisters.

    Great post!