It’s Only A Feeling!!

So lets talk about this horrible thing called FEAR! The thing that makes us doubt ourselves, stops us moving forward, makes us want to give up, tells us that it’s impossible or too big of a dream to conquer! Fear tells us to stay in that unhealthy relationship because your not sure if you will find someone else, or you haven’t dated for years so it’s too much hassle. “Better the devil you know!” They say, well not today.

Yes girl we have all been there, done that and worn the t-shirt too!It’s funny how fear is only a feeling, but yet it grips us so strong……but why? Why does this emotion grip us like being in jail, why does it restrict us when we’re meant to be free? Do you know what the funny thing is………? When you actually get over the worry about what others will think and say, you get this inner feeling of happiness, like yeah shit I did that!! Also have you ever noticed when you finally take the step of faith, things start to actually happen for you?! So again I ask, why does this invisible thing hold us bound?

Deep down it’s our own insecurities surfacing. The things that we battle with are underlying issues we have not dealt with, and they come to fight us in the feelings of fear. You might not agree and maybe your sitting there saying I don’t have insecurities, and maybe you don’t! But ask yourself this, if you didn’t care so much, why don’t you just get shit done!! Many of us fight with fear daily, some people let it cripple their hopes and dreams,some can still function, although that voice is there trying to make you feel unworthy, but somehow you still manage to push through. Whilst others thrive off the voice of “hey girl you aren’t good enough for that promotion, or to be loved and any other bull it wants to feed you by thinking you know what, that voice is only there as an indicator that actually maybe I’m on the right path, otherwise why would fear be telling me to fall back!! BINGO!!!!! Because it wants you to stay miserable. You know the saying “misery likes company.” Exactly, it’s all about perspective, when we view things in a different light, we see things we didn’t before. If only we would take time out to reflect before we act out and think that one situation means we are forever solemn to doom. Sometimes take a rain check, go and do something else for the day and come back tomorrow, when you’ve had time to think. Even if that’s not possible, remember you are only human and we ALL make mistakes! Even those that portray themselves like their shit don’t stink!! Come on now, don’t make me preach to somebody.

Listen up, sometimes put on your favourite music/film, grab some snacks, go out with the girls and get dolled up, pamper yourself, or what ever makes you happy. One thing for sure, don’t let yourself be sucked into the feelings of despair. Don’t let fear of failure, rejection, comparison, lack or limitations stop you!!

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