Laws Of Attraction

So over the last few weeks It’s been a hectic time but one that left me feeling so pumped and proud of what can happen when we really tell fear to move to the left to the left!!! I have always wanted to get into events but always said it in a “not sure how this will happen” sort of tone. But one thing this year has taught me is the power of the mind and that we really shouldn’t allow the limitations that we set ourselves to become a barrier in our progress. I noticed something different and what I believe is the driving force to my outcome, I made my decision without really thinking about it, by this I mean I wasn’t worried about money, who would help, how the what or where. I set a date in my mind and used that as my marker. I remember thinking right, so my network for this wasn’t really big but I knew that my passion and what I wanted to achieve was for a great cause and something that meant so much to me. This is where I believe in the laws of attraction and how the universe worked on my behalf,the blessings came pouring down. Instead of looking at what I didn’t have I looked to what was available and also I affirmed that the right people would come my way and all that I needed and more would be available. It may sound so simple but life really is, what complicates our choices is doubt, worry and fear! it robs us of the time and energy that is required to propel us forward. Don’t you realise when you stress about a situation you feel more drained but when you put your efforts into something with a positive, clear mindset you feel productive, excited, happy, motivated, hopeful the list goes on. So ask yourself this question, why do we allow the negative and limited mindsets to hold us captive??

I was listening to an audio of the laws of attraction and I took away a very deep and meaningful analogy. If we think about life and purpose I believe that we all have a reason for being here. Therefore when an idea or opportunity comes to us I see it as the conception of a baby, it takes two elements coming together to create a life. Think about when you have an idea in your mind, it takes the element of faith or hope to fuse  together with the idea to enable us to make it happen. If you don’t believe in something then your not going to act! It’s that simple, that’s why there’s the brave and the weak. Some people are brave enough to break the mould and follow their dreams despite the obstacles of life, whereas other will wish or hope that one day they’ll have enough will power to believe in themselves. If your belief system is weak then it will be hard for you to make moves.

Don’t get me wrong not everyone has this ability but as one of my favourite motivational speakers says Mr Eric Thomas, “you need to want it as much as you need to breath!!” If you struggle with staying positive then try a few simple methods such as a gratitude jar, meditation, vision boarding, journal or positive affirmations.

queen of the mic2

This night will forever be one of the greatest moments in my life because I put on my crown, said I could and did something magical!! My goal is to leave a legacy for many generations to come and I know these are the steps towards that!!

Check out this powerful  30 minute video and start your journey to a positive mind and the life you deserve.