My Skin Care Routine

Everywhere you look in magazines, on the TV, online, we are surrounded by images portraying beauty. It can be a struggle for a woman to live up to those ideologies. I have had my fair dues of being a spotty teen, but I was fortunate enough to have grown out of that phase. However I suffered with pigmentation, which seemed to flare up a lot during the winter months. Summer time was good, as that good old ‘vitamin D’ from the sun helped give me that goddess glow but the problem was still there. I went to the Doctor’s and they never seemed to have any remedy as to help, but a year ago I discovered this range of skin care products by Eve Taylor and a treatment sent from the beauty gods, Microdermabrasion.

I have this treatment done once a month at a professional salon, prices vary from salon to salon for this treatment.

I have combination skin, I find my t zone gets very shiny. With the Eve Taylor products they have different ranges for different skin types. I use the balancing range.

My daily skin care routine consists of the following;

  1. Cleanse


If I’ve been wearing make-up for the day, then clear cleanse is great as it is an oil based cleanser. Perfect for getting off that stubborn mascara, helping the skin feel fresh after clogging it up all day.

Alternatively I use the face wash if my skin doesn’t feel oily.

   2. Exfoliate

20160519_123928-1 (1).jpg

I only exfoliate twice a week, usually 3-4 days apart. This helps keep my pores clean and stops breakouts. Although like most of us I tend to have some breakout near my cycle. I like the grain of this product as it is not harsh on skin.


TIP: I use warm water to wash my face & cold water to close my pores.


3. Tone


I use a spritz of toner to refresh my face.This helps put the moisture back into my skin. Not everyone uses toner but its a good buy and you can use it during the day if you skin is feeling a bit dull and dry.(Only if you’re not wearing make-up.)

4. Moisturiser

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Finally, moisture lotion works best for me during the warmer parts of the year. As I mentioned before I have a oily t zone, so light lotions give me just enough coverage. However in the winter I use a cream moisturiser as I get dry skin. The skin does produce it’s own oils, so if you have oily skin try not to over do it.

My top tips;

  • Drink lots of water.
  • Cleanse at night(girl don’t sleep with that make-up, let him see the real you!!)
  • Use products that feed the skin minerals(aromatheraphy based is good)
  • Eat healthy, remember you are what you eat.
  • Beauty is more than the outer appearance, it starts from within. Learn to love you first and that will radiant on the outside!



Author: Sherisha

One thought on “My Skin Care Routine

  1. Eve Taylor products are great. I have oily skin and I found they work well on my skin. This is great advice for everyone,whether you wear make up or not. Let’s look after our beautiful skin!!