Rolling Through This Concrete Jungle

As I sit on the train on my daily commute in the mist of all the hustle and bustle of the morning rush, I looked up and saw the planes taking off into the sky. I often sit and wonder does anyone else feel  like a trapped animal in a cage, in this cycle what most of us call WORK 9-5! It’s not the mere fact that you dislike your job, but just having that sense of wanting to put on your adventure hat and see what else this world has to offer. Having entrepreneurial characteristics makes this very challenging, as the daily battle between your dreams and the process of getting to where you envision yourself are constantly at war.



Not everyone is in the position to just jump up and leave work to start their dreams. Nothing in life is ever ideal, we have to make sacrifices. This involves time, socialising, money, sleep, family & friends and more. But if you really want something you will make all efforts to make it work. As one of my favourite motivational speaks says, “you got to want it as much as you need to breath!” Everything is in your mindset, if your mind is negative, how do you expect a positive outcome. Sometimes you have to just take time out, and be in an environment that inspires you. free your mind and allow the creativity to flow. Meditation is a very good way to re-balance and relax. Even in the midst of the noise, I sit on the train and put my headphones in, close my eyes and allow the music to sooth and slow down my mind from all the busy thoughts.



When I think of  life, I reflect on the fact we only live once and I refuse to live it not happy or even mediocre. Especially being at a age where my life choices are in the palm of my hand. For those of you that have the pleasure of riding on the wonderful modes of public transport around London, will know how busy and compromising it can feel. Literally being squeezed on a strangers body, enjoying the variety of “wonderful fragrances.”(I say this was a high emphasis of sarcasm) But what I do love is the interesting characters you come across. Looking at the variety of people, shapes, sizes, races and characters. All darting through the various stations, tunnels and escalators. Going off in our various lifestyles, like characters out of Simms. I always asks myself the same question, does anyone else feel like breaking the mould and say “enough of this routine, i’m just going to jump!!” By this, I don’t mean it as a negative connotation, but literally take that leap of faith and do what ever it is that makes you happy.

Anytime I get the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the city skyline, I feel like a country girl in the city, with big hopes and dreams of success. But I don’t just imagine it, I believe it.




Author: Sherisha