Style With Nicole-These Boots Were Made For Walking

Knee highs, thigh highs, ankles, lace ups- I love them all and want them all! I hope someone can relate to me- because I struggle with heels as I have flat feet 😟 *this is where you show me some sympathy* When it comes to going out I’ll make an effort and just man up haha but when there have been events where the dress code is smart casual, I’d want to wear heels but know I just won’t be able to deal with the pain! There was a period a couple of years where wedges were the ‘in thing’ – best time of my life because they are AMAZINGLYYYY comfortable but like most trends they come and go then no one cares about it anymore! So the next best thing is boots!

I never used to find any boots that looked WOW but in the last year or two boots have become a big trend with shoe labels bringing out many different designs. You can imagine my excitement especially because a lot of them have block heels *hello comfort* πŸ’ƒπŸΎπŸ’ƒπŸΎπŸ’ƒπŸΎ and you can literally wear them everywhere! I’m just over 5’8 *team tall girl stand up ✊🏾* and I have legs for days so it got to a point where wearing short dresses and skirts were just a big no no for me- felt really naked like I’m showing too much skin- although I should embrace my beautiful long legs *yes they are beautiful* lol it was always such a shame I couldn’t wear cute dresses or skirts that I know would look great. Well now knee high boots and thigh high boots are EVERYWHERE and AFFORDABLE and look great with short dresses, shorts & skirts. If you’re like me and like the shorter outfits but don’t want your legs out all the time thigh highs and knee highs are your new best friend! Anyway enough of the chitchat here are my top picks for boots and some outfit options! 😘😘




fullsizerenderDISCLAIMER: These are just style tips- cheaper alternatives can be found. Feel free to contact me if you would like alternatives 😘


Author: Style By Nicole