Style by Nicole-Summer Styles

*summer summer summer time…!*

That seemed like the most appropriate song to sing however I’m wondering where the sun has actually gone! Because that heatwave did NOT last long 😟 well long enough for me to catch a tan here and there but the sun needs to come back!!

Hope you’re all having a lovely Sunday, I guess the weather isn’t too bad today but great weather would be 28 degrees lol. As we did get a moment of great weather I’ve put together three different summer styles. I find the summer season very interesting because I feel like it’s that time where people can really experiment with different outfits and try something new. Because everyone wants to look hot in the summer right?!
*From left to right*
Casual Fab: Great outfit for a day party, maybe a night out in shoreditch where you don’t want to dress too over the top but you still want to stand out and look hot!

Chic: Lovely outfit for brunch in a fancy hotel where you want to look presentable but still want to look fashionable in the hot weather.

Festival Wear: Well the name says it all- a cute little number you can wear to Wireless or Lovebox but still be comfortable when you’re shaking a leg πŸ˜‰

DISCLAIMER: These are just style tips- cheaper alternatives can be found. Feel free to contact me if you would like alternatives 😘

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