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Happy Sunday dolls!

Hope everyone is enjoying the weather- I caught a small tan yesterday I’m well chuffed! Anyway, have you booked your holiday yet?? I’m on the verge of booking my own and I’ve been on a serious hunt for some hot bikinis and swimsuits. I don’t know about you guys but the regular boring swimwears are just not for me- give me something interesting, something with patterns or vibrant colours- I want to stand out on the beach and have a Beyoncé moment where I’m feeling myself! lol it’s also very hard to find a swimming costume which no one else has which is why I appreciate swimwear lines like Mint Swim by Draya Michele all the style are so different to other swimming costumes meaning yours will always stand out and compliments your figure. Here are three other swimming costumes which I liked the look of:


Look 1. This type of swim wear is good for pear shapes as it tucks you in at the waist hiding any parts of your stomach that you may not be comfortable with but at the same time showing just enough to give you that wow factor.

Covers up and some shades can make your swimwear looking even more glamorous giving the opportunity to play around with colours and textures.

Look 2. Go wild and add some print. This summer pastel colours are back and are a great cool colour. This two piece is more on the higher end for swim wear but you can always team it up with some high street fashion faves. Check out Boohoo swim wear 

Look 3. This cut out one piece is definitely a show stopper but if you got it flaunt it! Whether your heading to Ibiza, Miami, Dubai or anywhere tropical this is something that needs to be in this years holiday wear.

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