The Sky Is Not The Limit

I’m sure we all have been at a stage in life where we are standing at the cross road of doubt, fear, anxiety or even confusion. Often on my commute to work I fall into deep thought, processing all my dreams and goals, looking into the sky thinking of the world that is out there waiting for me to discover it. But  at times you can feel trapped in a cycle of bills, family life, security of work and even the psychological limitations we put on our own abilities, without even realising it.




Have you ever wanted something so bad, with all your passion and will power?! Although you may not even be making any form of profit from it, within you, there is that notion of “this feels like my God given talent.” So when is the right time….? What are the right steps….? Will it work….? Can I afford it….? There is no manual for those questions that are running through your mind daily. But the reality is, life is not easy and there are many bumps and disappointments along the road to success, and it all starts with you. The way you think, the way you do things on a daily basis, your ability to commit, things not going your way and the willingness to start from the bottom.

Time after time we read motivational quotes, I listen to motivational videos on a daily basis, but this does not stop those negative thoughts of doubt or even the fact that I may fail sometimes. But what determines my constant willingness to keep going is my passion. My passion! The fact that with every fibre in my body I must win! But not just for me, but for those I love and the ones after me. That’s what you need to do, if you can’t do it for yourself, do it for them!

3293941f2d9d429b7f33081b8af54bfeSetting goals is a good way to manage your time and to help keep focused. When an idea goes from your mind to paper, it has a big effect on your mental state of mind. It’s as if you feel more compelled to actually get it done. Think about when you go shopping, if I don’t make a list I end up buying everything I didn’t need. It’s the same with your life, if there is no structure you end up doing a lot of things that waste your time. Stop saying you can’t, stop looking at every reason why you can’t. Stop thinking, talking and procrastinating, think of all that time wasted and you could of been doing!

Learn to network with like minded people. We are in the day and age of technology. There are so many groups on various social media platforms and the internet is such a good tool. But get out there look for local events to attend, go back to school, up skill yourself, read more books. Go into the environment you want see yourself in. If you want to buy a house, start going to viewings. Even if you are not in the position to buy yet, but seeing the potential of your dream sparks the drive in you. It makes you start thinking, “this could be me.”

Stop looking at others and wishing, believe in YOU! There is know ideal time, but if you are not happy with the life you’re living, then that is the time to change it!!

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Tips to keep motivated:

  1. Network or join a group that is linked to your interest, strength is in numbers.

  2. Re-train, whether it’s  a course, reading a book. Learn something new to re-discover yourself.

  3. Meditate daily, let your mind have a moment of peace to rebalance it’s self.

  4. Speak positively on a daily basis, look in the mirror and prep yourself for the day. Understand there are things you can’t change, but confess the good things you want to achieve.

  5. Have a hobby, its important to have an outlet to let your hair down.

  6. Keep a note pad close, write down your thoughts, goals, highs & lows. This is a good way to vent emotions.



Author: Sherisha

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