What’s Your Passion?

So for ages I had been feeling like I was floating through life but wanted so much more. Don’t get me wrong my life is not doom and gloom, I have been privileged to travel to so many places from a young age, and I have had some wicked experiences. Although I have enjoyed going out there to work and make money, it has made me realise more and more that I was born to be my own boss. This is not just because I don’t like being told what to do, or being restricted, it is genuinely the mind-set, abilities, skills and innovative ideas I possess. Business has always been a passion for me from the age of 16, I loved it so much I studied it at GCSE, A Level and at university. Now some people are happy with working for others and there is nothing wrong with that. But this post is definitely for those of you that are budding entrepreneurs. Those that can never settle know matter what job you go into, for the first year it’s all exciting and new, but once the novelty wears off, that burning desire within still longs to get that project, idea, business venture going! Being an entrepreneur is not taught, it is a characteristics, either you have it or you don’t. In life we must be able to see and understand our gifts and build and master them. Some of us come under the creative bracket, whilst others are the book worms, and so forth. As I’ve gotten older I have realised that it’s not about looking at what I can’t do but what I can, because not everyone is able to do my CANS!

One thing that is important when embarking on your passion, it takes hard work, late nights and early mornings, you most likely wont be able to pay yourself a form of salary for a while. Some people who you’d expect to support you, probably will be your worst critics, but you have to always remind yourself why you started and remain focused on your goals.


  • Try and connect with like minded individuals, being in an environment where you think alike helps, even when you may feel low there’s someone around you that understands you process.

  • Social media is such a God send for many reasons, we have so much access to groups, and events that we may never have heard of. Networking is key in business, if you don’t put yourself out there people will never know who you are and what you do.

  • Get yourself a note pad, ideas will stay ideas if you don’t start putting them on paper.

  •  Research your market/industry. You may love your idea but you want to know that it is feasible, know one wants to put money into something and there is know return.

  • Write a business plan, this helps you look at all aspects of your business such as SWOT/ SMART analysis, financial forecast, and to outline the vision and ethos of your business.


I can finally say I am on the right path and I know this because It feels right, and things fell into place where they hadn’t before. Many successful people in business will tell you off the unnumbered amount of ideas they have tried out. But we only know them for the one that made them successful. Maybe the first idea(s) wont work out but if you feel that it’s your path DON’T GIVE UP.

There are so many billions of people on the planet and they are waiting for you to step into your destiny so they can enjoy or even be saved by your business idea. There are still medical inventions and medicines yet created, technologies, services, products, music, the list goes on! Don’t wait for tomorrow, why not start now!!