When Life Gives You Lemons….

It’s so funny when one thing doesn’t go your way how quickly it can throw you off course! I pride myself as strong or someone that is very determined, but this does not alter the fact that we all battle with that constant voice of doubt who is always happy to remind us that it’s not going to work. It is so much easier said than done, to keep positive and not feel disheartened when you realise the path you have chosen is a lot more bumpy that anticipated.  The true test is when you’re in the mist of the pressure and the reality that is called life is looking at you like ” what next homie!” I can admit at times I have really asked myself can I really be successful and live the life that I see on my vision board, think about, dream about, hope for……? The answer is HELL FLIPPING YES I CAN!!! But there is a cost, and that is where the battle of the fittest is the nature of the game. Can you endure the longevity of ups and downs, long days, sleepless nights, failures, sacrifices and the list goes on. Well that’s some of the realities of chasing ones dreams, but let me not scare you, its not all doom and gloom. I’ve learnt that even the little accomplishments need to be celebrated otherwise whats the point! How can I be so focused on the bigger picture, when that can not be accomplished if it wasn’t for the little steps along the way.

I’ve realised that I also need to take care of my well-being, otherwise the dream stays dormant. Whether this means having a get away, switching off from the world to meditate or go to the gym, what ever it is we need to know when enough is enough. This even boils down eating and sleeping patterns, which I learnt the hard way. When my body finally said she can’t and the sense of being overwhelmed was too heavy to carry. So don’t start skipping meals and thinking water is enough, even if your desk is at home like myself, still have a lunch break and  get out the house or go to another room. Whats important is remembering why you started, the feeling that you had and what was your driving force. If it means writing it down, so when you have a moment you can reflect back and encourage yourself. At the start if the year I started a gratitude jar, which is getting very full now but I look forward to going back through it. This works for me bu there are so many tools to use that will help you along your journey.

On a final note just remember you are amazing, and no one can do what you can! Don’t compare yourself to others, you are a unique women of this world and your passion and gifts will touch and bless many whilst manifesting the wealth you need to live the life you desire. Keep your head up and straighten your crown Queen!! The future is female.

Author: Sherisha