Why Are We Scared Of Getting old?

So the other day I really sat and thought wow the BIG 30 is creeping up on me, but I don’t feel a day over 20!!! (ah ha ha ha ha) That’s until I’m actually around 20 year old’s and I realise, yeah I’m not as young as I think. Logging into Facebook doesn’t make it easier either, as my lovely timeline shows pictures of engagements ,weddings and babies galore, this is when you know  you’re a fully pledged adult. There is know turning back now!

But why does old age seem so daunting? Is it because we had a vision that by now we’d be married, kids, the house and the dream career, or thinking how much gravity has changed your body, or not being able to do the things you used too, maybe knowing one day we will be called back to our heavenly homes….? For what ever reason, all I know is that we are in a day and age where growing old gracefully is a thing of the past. There is so much emphasis on staying young, it’s turned into a multi-billion dollar industry. Come on, you can even  get plastic surgery on credit now!! Everyday we are simulated with adverts, magazines, posts all over social media. Don’t get me wrong there are ads that promote old age as a positive, but mostly the message out there is all about youth.

I’ve definitely become more health conscious since I am no longer on the young side of 25 and believe a positive step towards ageing gracefully is looking after yourself inwardly and outwardly. I can honestly say that one thing I love about being older is I finally feel on track with what I want to be and age definitely brings wisdom. With beautiful women such as Angela Bassett, Gabriel Union and Jada Pinkett Smith to name a few, showing us that you can be fabulous even as older woman.


But does age mean that the things you did in your 20’s are no longer acceptable when 30 plus? 

Yes you can look forward to being 30 plus and feel as sexy as you did when  you was in your 20’s. I think there are some behaviour and experiences that we have to leave to our youth, but in no way does this mean your life is over. There are still many more adventures and experiences to be had and the way in which you will enjoy them will be a totally different mentality. Many women are still having babies at a later stage in life, with many of us chasing our career more than ever. Look at celebrities such as Janet Jackson, Halle Berry, Mariah and Jennifer Lopez. Much older, very successful and still got it going on. But this can’t be achieved if we don’t take the steps to look after ourselves. Looking good isn’t my goal, but rather being healthy, as looking good comes with that. If you are fixated on looks then this will not be a lifestyle change, as more than likely as you get older you will fall off the bandwagon. The days of eating a take away a few days of the week may not have the same results and you metabolism changes. But your mind doesn’t have too! I think you’re as old as you feel. A good way to also use age, is to help the younger ones around us, by giving and teaching them with the nuggets of advice and experience we have acquired. This even goes for ourselves learning from our past and knowing that we don’t have the time to go back too far and rectify things.

For me I just want to know that I will be comfortable and healthy, which will allow me to still feel like I’m living.

Bring it on #growoldgracefully




Author: Sherisha