Your Health Is Your Wealth!

Recently I came across a programme on bbc Iplayer called ‘Being Black, Going Crazy.’ I was a bit sceptical at first seeing the title, but to my surprise I found this show to be well thought and very informative. It raised some valid points and really brought some well needed attention to a very taboo subject within the black community. At some point in life many of us have experienced some sort of stress, depression or other mental health related issues, but why is it some what a shame or weakness to actually let others know that we are struggling with a constant war in our minds?




Throughout my life I have had experiences which have made me feel rejected and caused a downward spiral on how I saw myself. This lead to loosing and gaining a lot of weight at various points and feeling very insecure and recluse. When I look back on things now I realise that I was battling with depression. I have always had to be strong and because of this, one day it was all too much. This effected my mood, by aspect on life, actually thinking is there any point of being here.  I also felt the sense of not wanting to fail, as I felt like those who should of been there for me let me down and the only person I could rely on was ME! But when things that were out of my control did not go to plan it took a toll on me as all I had was me. This is where the negative thoughts came and not having the confidence to speak with anyone I went years masking it. Although I functioned The true reality is that many of us are still battling this and have no outlet to relieve the pressure.

There are many factors that lead to breakdowns, and for each person these vary. But what I want to discuss is ways that I have dealt with times in my life where I have felt like I was not able to cope.If you feel that you require help a first point of contact can be your GP, who can refer you to various organisations who offer specialist services such as group sessions, counselling, coaching,mentoring and  other specialist groups. But you can also contact some of the directly. (I have listed a few organisations that maybe helpful below)  For those that are fortunate to have a positive support system around them such as friends & family, find someone to confined in. It is important to not keep all these feelings bottle up know matter how crazy you think you’ll sound.

One thing I always tell people is we need to value ourselves and understand we get one body. Life can feel very lonely at times and when you want to reach out for help it never feels like the right time, or what are people going to think, I’m always the strong one. But we need to start being more open to the aids of  coaching, counselling and mentoring like our counter parts across the pond in america. Going to therapy is something of the norm and I believe with this being introduced to society more in the UK it is a good start. However many people are still being missed and the more of us that share our own battles and experiences hopefully this will bring comfort and encouragement to others around us.